Rosie Jimenez

  Yesterday October 3, 2023, marked 46 years since Rosie Jimenez died of complications from an illegal abortion on Oct 3, 1977.  The Hyde Amendment had made it illegal for her to use her Medicaid card to pay for a safe, legal abortion.  I wrote this poem in her memory. . For Rosie in McAllen, […]

Medication Abortion is Still Available!

  Like many women I spent last Friday waiting for the Supreme Court to do the right thing but fearing the worst.  Amazingly the Court did the right thing by overruling both the Texas judge who would have suspended/banned mifepristone altogether and the appeals court which would have blocked access by mail and require that […]

Women Speaking About Abortion

  “Providing abortion is as much a part of medical care as delivering babies and doing appendectomies and treating sore throats. It’s an integral part of medical care….It is not something that should be stigmatized. It should be a part of general and total medical care.” — —Dr. Millie Hanson, in 2004  Physicians for Reproductive […]

Johnnie Tillmon

One of the privileges I have had in researching my book is that I have met so many brave, smart and accomplished women.  Many of them are well-known but the stories of others were new to me.  This post is about one brave and influential black woman who defied the odds and became an effective […]

How I felt on January 22, 1973

As we near January 22, 2023, the fiftieth anniversary of the Roe decision, I’ve been asked how it felt on that day in 1973.  Initially I felt relieved.  It was a weight off my back.  If birth control failed or wasn’t used, I wouldn’t have to be shamed or maimed.  I wouldn’t have to endure […]

Operation Higher Court

Operation Higher Court So now Politico, Mother Jones, and the New York Times have all written articles on “Operation Higher Court” where a radical, anti-abortion evangelical minister, Rev. D Schenck, orchestrated a highly effective campaign to influence the Supreme Court.  Since he was too well-known and controversial to infiltrate the high court himself, he used […]

Abortion is a Winning Issue

“Abortion is a winning issue,” said Elizabeth Nash, a policy analyst with the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research group. “Voters want people to have bodily autonomy and agency over their lives. That is pretty core to being an American.”  BBC News November 8, 2022 Abortion is a winning issue and one that is not going […]

Be A Hero! Vote!

Be A Hero! The most important thing you can do to defend abortion rights is to vote in the upcoming election on November 8th. If you have time, money, energy or any one of these things, please consider phone banking, or writing postcards, or door to door canvassing.  Contact your local abortion fund to find […]

Say the Word

Say the Word Abortion. Why is it so difficult to say this word? Why do senators, congressmen, presidents, people in all walks of life refer to “reproductive health care”, or “the right to choose.”? Yes, abortion is reproductive health care. Yes, it should be an option for a woman making a choice about her body, […]

The Pink House

If You Needed an Abortion in Mississippi (It was never easy) You have already made the decision to have an abortion, not an easy choice. Now you need to get to the clinic. Remember that there is only one clinic in Mississippi so you may need to drive a long distance. If you don’t have […]